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Marc Laucks
Marc LaucksOwner, Marc Laucks and Company

Let’s face it, the business world can be tough and unforgiving. We offer services for those new to buying print, graphic design and web services, those who have a few years of experience, and the advanced buyer. For clients looking to get their work done quickly, efficiently, and honestly, we’re a great fit. Have a challenging project? Call us. Need an item immediately? We can help. We also go beyond meeting your basic print needs; we help you navigate the world of print buying, educate you to be a better, more informed customer, and respond quickly to your needs.

What we value most is open and honest communication. We foster loyalty but don’t take advantage of it. We respect balanced collaboration and look to compliment your existing supplier base rather than disrupt it.


Print Management 100%
Brand Development / Consulting 90%
Marketing Strategy 86%
Direct Marketing 81%


  • Be fair and honest with our pricing
  • Act immediately to complete your project
  • Provide you with information that helps you do your job
  • Source work with experts, not wannabes
  • Deliver goods and services within 2-10 days


  • Play games with price
  • Mislead you about timelines
  • Keep you in the dark
  • Pretend we do certain work in-house or with a “sister company”
  • Wait more than 30 days for payment

Build A Stronger Brand In 3 Steps.

We base the way we do business on the values that mean the most to us. We utilize a workflow based on our 3 most important values to help us stay laser focused on meeting your needs in more innovative ways and helping you build a stronger brand.

1. We Listen

…Do you hear that? No? Well that is because we aren’t talking. Most agencies will talk about themselves to they are blue in the face but we aren’t most agencies. Your brand has it’s own unique set of challenges to accomplish your goals and we won’t know what they are unless we listen to what you have to say. Sure we can talk all day too about the way we do things and different success stories, but none of that really matters until we hear your side of the story.

2. We Communicate

Now that we have heard your story it is time for us to communicate. First, we re-affirm your goals to make sure everyone is on the same page. Communication may seem simple or trivial until it’s not there. How many times have you been left wondering if your project is progressing according to schedule? We pride ourselves in communicating the good, the bad or the indifferent. You will always know what is happening with your project and if we don’t know the answer to something we will get it for you right away.

3. We Innovate

Does every project require innovative thinking? We think so. For example it may just be a simple business card reprint that you need but we are always thinking about the best, most innovative approach to meet your needs. From the smallest projects to the most complicated ones, we not only have the resources to think big, our desire to ask questions and innovate is one of the many things that makes our company unique.

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