Madecasse Package Design

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Project Description

I met the founders of Madecasse at the Fancy Food show in 2007. They had just started their company after working together in the Peace Corps.

They had begun producing bars of chocolate but needed to ramp up the production of bar wrappers quickly and efficiently.

Their local print shop proved to be of little help and so I made a trip to NYC to meet with Tim. We met in a coffee shop and poured over paper samples and printing ideas for more than an hour. At the conclusion of our meeting, we had a firm idea of where to begin.

I subsequently helped them to design the package configuration now used for their bars and printed the first 50,000 bar wrappers in the U.S.

They had submitted final design files while I was attending a 3-day conference. I hurriedly looked over their design one last time and realized they hadn’t included a clear area around the UPC code. This move saved them countless thousands of dollars in print production costs, recall costs and potential retailer headaches. When the print job was complete, I drove flat printed sheets on the roof of my car from Pennsylvania to Maryland to deliver them to the only envelope converter who could convert the flat sheets into bar pouches affordably.

Helping them to better understand the printing process, with all of its complexities and potential pitfalls (many of them I helped them to avoid) was instrumental in their being able to confidently and successfully move bar wrapper production to Madagascar.

My two favorite Madecasse bars are Sea Salt and Nibs and Espresso Bean.

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