Runa Bottle Coupons

Runa Bottle Coupons2017-10-24T09:54:07-05:00

Project Description

This product was a fun challenge. RUNA Tea wanted to a bottleneck tag to be used as a discount coupon for their ready-to-drink bottled tea.

The custom project was a first-time effort for RUNA and us.

We originated the shape, the contour, and the way the finished piece was cut to fit around the bottle.

Part of the challenge was that the paper we needed to use was very thin and tore easily. The tags needed to be able to slide easily over the capped bottle, not tear, and still be snug enough to look great!

We had to figure how many cuts to put around the outside of the tag. How big to make the finished tag. Some assumptions were made about what would happen when a third party was putting these things on the bottles – thinking about human nature and how people work.

Final run – 50,000 tags. We enjoyed seeing them on the shelf in our own local grocery stores!