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Project Description

Old Boxes,
New Branding

Runa Tea had recently undergone a re-brand with an agency in New York for their ready-to-drink tea bottles. The new design was simple yet striking and stood out on the store shelves.

Runa contacted Marc Laucks and Company to design and print the tea boxes. There were different flavors that required new illustrations in the style created by another agency. Runa needed the illustrations that we created for the tea boxes to mach seamlessly with the branding  done for the new bottles.

Step 1. Sketch Icon Concepts

Since we did not create the original illustrations and the tea boxes came in different flavors than the bottles, we sketched several different ideas to get the right feel for the new icons.

Step 2. Create Illustrations

Once we were satisfied that we had explored the sketches enough to understand the nuances of the original illustrations we created the final versions of the illustrations for the new tea box design.

Step 3. Create Mockups for Updated Box Design

Step 4. Print Production

For the tea box production we wanted the box to mimic a real leaf to give it tactile feel. We achieved this by running the packages with a 3D embossing on just the areas that have the flavor illustration. This effect subtly encourages the customer to pick up the package to look closer with the goal of converting to a sale.

Other Illustrations Created For Runa Tea Flavors