Lady Moon Produce Ties


Lady Moon was getting their produce ties from an unreliable supplier who, it turns out, was probably having them produced overseas instead of in their own shop as they were representing. There were abundant delays and lots of excuses and so I was asked to find a replacement supplier. The incumbent supplier's method of manufacture [...]

Cheaper By The Dollar


An ambitious goal to enter the multi-billion dollar world of dollar stores is no easy undertaking. We were tasked with logo design for multiple brands aligned along a common theme. In addition, we developed interior signage, a mascot, exterior signage, promotional pieces and a myriad of other support material. Designed and executed in very short [...]

Banner Printing


Do you need banners or signage produced quickly for your next event? We produce and ship on the East and West coasts, as well as internationally. experienced in this area, and can choose from multiple vendors to produce what you need and work with shippers to get your banners where you need them to be [...]