Tap Snap Photo Frames


We produced these custom photo frames after being presented with a problem from the local Tap Snap franchisee. We're very solutions oriented. They wanted to provide something more than just a stock photo frame. They wanted to give their customers the option to use customized frames. I came up with an option to produce custom [...]

Pennsylvania Association of Travel and Tourism Conference Materials


An example of how we work with meeting planners for their conferences. For the PATT conferences we established the complete scope of work for all printed conference materials, including production timeline and budget. Items produced included: Signage Banners Agenda Booklets Name Badges Convention Tote Bags Speaker Tent Cards Exhibitor Tent Cards Lanyards

Runa Bottle Coupons


This product was a fun challenge. RUNA Tea wanted to a bottleneck tag to be used as a discount coupon for their ready-to-drink bottled tea. The custom project was a first-time effort for RUNA and us. We originated the shape, the contour, and the way the finished piece was cut to fit around the bottle. [...]

Madecasse Package Design


I met the founders of Madecasse at the Fancy Food show in 2007. They had just started their company after working together in the Peace Corps. They had begun producing bars of chocolate but needed to ramp up the production of bar wrappers quickly and efficiently. Their local print shop proved to be of little [...]

Marvin Window and Doors Postcards


Marvin wanted to develop an automated system for generating dealer-branded postcards for a variable print postcard campaign. We set up the infrastructure to allow dealers to build their own postcard campaign using high resolution, Marvin-approved images. The system allowed for multiple dealer locations to print and drop postcards simultaneously for maximum print and postage savings.